Blue Mussel


1kg / packet

Blue mussels have a distinctive rich, sweet taste, like a blend of oysters and clams. Mussels should look and smell fresh and have tightly closed shells. Mussel meats, which range from white to orange, are plump and tender, but less soft than clams. Color doesn't indicate quality.


Blue Mussels have plump, tender, sweetmeats. Compared to Mediterranean Mussels, Blue Mussels have a milder flavor and do not fill the shell as fully.

1) No minimum order 


2) Delivery only within Klang Valley area


3) Order only to West Malaysia during MCO period

Blue Mussel Dressed in Green

All it takes is 5 minutes on the stove plus butter, aromatics and wine ! Contributing Seafood Editor Barton Seaver shows you how. 

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