Tendon Meatballs


200g / pack

These tendon meatballs are one of my top favorites, so is my son and other family members. It doesn’t matter what dish they are in, be it rice, soup, noodle, Pho, pizza, etc. As long as there are some meatballs in there, we would ask for a second filled.


Our meatballs are juicy and tender, guaranteeing a mouthful of meaty taste!

100% Fresh pork Meatball, no preservative & coloring added. 

这些猪筋肉丸是我的最爱之一,我的儿子和其他家庭成员也是如此。 不管是什么菜,无论是米饭,汤,面条,河粉,比萨饼等。 只要有肉丸在那里,我们会吃第二碗!




Tendon Meatballs