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Original : RM106.90

1 x 1kg Tiger Prawn (27pcs) RM59

Tiger prawns are large-bodied prawns that are native to the Indo-West Pacific Ocean but have established invasive populations in other areas, including in the Gulf of Mexico. Tiger prawns get their common name from the stripes that cover their shell. This species is a highly valuable seafood species, is targeted widely by commercial fishers throughout its range, and is grown in aquaculture farms all over the world.

  • Directly from farm

  • No Chemical

  • No antibiotic

  • Nett Weight 1kg without ice

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Freshest prawns directly from own farms

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1 x Ticklish Pork Rib (6pcs) RM36

The ultimate BBQ Pork Ribs

: Our homemade Pork ribs are a cut of pork popular in Western and Asian cuisines. The ribcage of domestic pig, meat and bones together, is cut into usable pieces. Marinated with more than 36 type sources and then served.

  • Made Cooking easy

  • Marinated with flavourful spices

  • Perfect for family dinner

  • Yummy

Ticklish Pork Ribs is the best choice to add extra flavour to your dinner.

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FREE 1 Solisege Pork Cocktail (200g) worth RM11.90

Solisege Sausages Pork Cocktail is made out of premium pork cuts to give you a delightful taste in each sausage. A perfect ingredient to have for sandwiches, salads, crackers or you can add them to your dishes for a fine meaty taste.

  • Good for breakfast

  • Kid's Favourite

  • Perfect Snack

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