Saba Mackerel



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Saba is a type of mackerel that is known for its rich, oily taste and health benefits. In Japan, it is enjoyed in so many different ways, from raw (sashimi) to canned.

Saba is mackerel in Shioyaki means salt (shio) and grilling (yaki). As you can guess, the only seasoning we need for this dish is salt, which brings out the rich flavours of mackerel. Anyone can just season with salt and cook, and call it a recipe. However, I'll show you a few tips you can use to make the dish extra delicious ! 

Our mackerel/saba fillet is the mackarel origin as its famous for its firm flavourful taste and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This Grilled Mackerel or Saba Shioyaki is the simplest fish recipe you can make on your busy weeknight. It's a little rustic, but a thing of beauty, with its golden crispy skin and delicious flavour. Serve it with steamed rice, miso soup and a salt, you'll have a lovely Japanese meal for dinner !

Saba Mackerel Fillet