Flavors: Strawberry, Almond, Hazelnut, Milk


Strawberry Yogurt Crème Coated with premium chocolate. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a fruity & creamy Strawberry Yogurt Praline. Filled with a sweet creamy strawberry yogurt ganache and covered with the finest milk chocolate it is certainly a must for strawberry chocolate lovers and a treat for any occasion.


Almond: Dark chocolate almond rocks for a mouthful of sweet nutty goodness! Savor a crunchy whole roasted almond, coated in silky smooth dark chocolate. Perfect for nut and dark chocolate lovers!


Hazelnut Crème Coated with premium chocolate. An all-time favorite. The rich nutty flavor of hazelnut ganache covered with delicious milk chocolate, what could there be not to like about such a heavenly concoction. The well-balanced and blended flavors of nuttiness and chocolaty with certainly ignites one’s taste buds. A treat to enjoy in any occasion.


Milk chocolate’s subtly sweet taste makes it the perfect partner to your favorite treats. Pair milk chocolate with a cup of Darjeeling tea for an afternoon break. Or, combine popcorn with almonds and milk chocolate to enhance a classic film night snack.


Made in Malaysia


Assorted Praline Chocolates 250g