These Crab Claws are meaty and delicious with succulent seafood flavors. Crab claws are full of tasty meat and look so attractive with their vibrant colors. While they’re typically served chilled with cocktail sauce, we also love to eat them warm dipped in melted butter with fresh lemon juice!


This dish is perfect for any celebration including the holidays, an anniversary, birthday or even Valentine’s. You can serve them as a memorable appetizer or as a main course with some side dishes, just like with crab legs!


Serving Ideas

Serving chilled: Placing the crab claws on a bed of crushed ice will help to keep them cool. Add some cocktail sauce for dipping and a garnish of fresh lemon wedges.


Serving warm: Put them out with melted butter or clarified butter and fresh lemon wedges for garnish.


To make them into a main course, add some classic side dishes such as boiled potatoes, steamed rice and corn on the cob.


Crab Claw 500g