Lobak (Five-Spice Meat Rolls) are often served by the Nyonyas during festivals and celebrations on the island of Penang. These Five-Spice Meat Rolls are also known as ngoh hiang in the Southern part of Peninsula Malaysia. They are equally loved there by the nyonyas of Melaka and Singapore. At this time of the year, trays and trays of these delightful meat rolls are made and served during the Chinese New Year celebrations.


These super yummy Lobak (Five-Spice Meat Rolls) are made with beancurd sheets, pork tenderloin, and spices. They are deliciously crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Also very easy to prepare no matter the methods (grill, fry, air fryer). Also, it contains zero preservatives.


Homemade Penang Lobak 5pcs