1 pack 0.375g selling price rm688。

1粒 10.3g selling price rm18,851。

17.18g selling price rm31,519。



Porcupine dates are phytobezoar stones that are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments against cancer, postsurgical recovery, dengue fever, etc. 


Regardless of its class, the Porcupine Dates and Porcupine Bezoar are filled with shining fiber or essence which inobservant without a microscope. These Porcupine Dates and Porcupines Bezoar are not classifiable by its sizes or shapes, aroma and quality but the concentration of the shining essence on its surface.


However, we are here to guarantee that the Porcupine Dates and Porcupine Bezoar sold by our company are genuine and evidenced by videography for the extraction of Porcupine Dates and Porcupine Bezoar.


剑猪枣/ 100% pure / 纯天然。出产地 砂劳越/加里曼丹

专门医治癌症,中风,肝癌, 前列腺癌, 手术后服用能迅速康复。


Porcupine Bozoar